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Ideation without execution is delusion


If you’re like us, answering basic questions about your enterprise environment can become an operational exercise that you would rather just avoid altogether. We felt uncertain when we received reports because we often noted inaccuracies with infrastructure devices that were no longer in our enterprise, or sometimes even worse, not revealing devices that we knew were deployed in the network! Visibility into the madness of our operations team was paramount in resolving bottlenecks, backlogs and vulnerabilities. Visibility allowed us to create measurable plans, robust processes and allocate resources. We chose to create something that would be dynamic so we can sleep at night, and of course, pat ourselves on the back for solving our problems..

Visibility Benefits

  • Number of devices
  • List vendors and operating systems
  • Easily identify firewall management stations
  • Dynamically list CMDB information
  • Device access audit trail
  • Automated SSH access with recording
  • Operational scoreboard
  • Identify the most vulnerable areas

    Scared? We had to decide that taking two weeks to produce an inaccurate report just to begin something as basic as device hardening was simply unacceptable. We were more fearful of what we were missing inside of our infrastructures than shooting for rapid transformation. The thing that mattered most to us were the results and we knew we couldn’t achieve the results we desired without taking action.

    Transformative Actions

  • Create unique user and service accounts
  • Change passwords
  • Remove unused accounts
  • Automatic risk mitigation
  • Centralized file distribution
  • Centralized command distribution

    This buzzword of automation keeps coming up all the time. Mostly from the product side asking us why things take so long for the security team to produce results. The ability to automate the state of our enterprise was the cornerstone to maintaining our security standards. We experienced two added benefits. First, we could always answer the question of “How is security doing?” by providing the most recent number for our enterprise on a scale of 1 to 10 akin to the age old CVSS standard. Secondly, our operations team gained so much time by automating time consuming tasks that their quality of work nearly doubled! Saving time produces more results!

    Automated Features

  • Schedule password changes
  • CMDB information updates
  • Schedule device audits
  • Audit check repository updates

    You’ve heard that we need to share more in security. Why wouldn’t we share to ensure we are safer from our adversaries? A best practice for a financial vertical can be more than applicable to a media, healthcare or services vertical. When one customer creates a new check for the latest attack vector or best practice for a web server, CureNuisance anonymously shares this knowledge with all customers. We achieve more together.


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